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Children's Advocacy Work

Stefanie is currently working on passing a new bill, the Children's Priority Act, which will limit the number of continuances allowed in legal cases involving child abuse. It’s going to be a long, slow, and most likely difficult road, but it will be worth it.

If you or someone you know would like to be involved, please contact Stefanie directly.

Stefanie Fields

You're Beautiful When National Book Campaign

We reached our goal! Thanks to the immense generosity of friends and community members, Stefanie's very first fundraiser was a success. Through door-to-door campaigning, working the local markets, and GoFundMe, together we raised enough money to distribute Stefanie's beloved book, You're Beautiful When, to Children's Advocacy Centers across the US. Each CAC serves as a place of healing for young victims of violence, neglect, and sexual abuse.

You're Beautiful When will serve to encourage these children's self-esteem and body image, with every page reminding them of how beautiful they are. In their ever-deserving hands, You're Beautiful When is exactly where it's meant to be. Every page an affirmation; every book a purpose fulfilled.

Stefanie extends her tremendous gratitude to everyone who pitched in to make this dream a reality. She knows the value of every dollar received. This fundraiser didn't reach its goal through high-rollers or corporate sponsorship. Individual people with great big hearts - that's who made this happen. Thank you!!

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A social survey about seeing beauty in ourselves and others.

Conducted by Stefanie Fields in partnership with Lorand Photography.

What readers are saying:

"This book's powerful message is of empathy and compassion. I am a teacher with thirty years of teaching experience and I am always looking for books like this one!"

- Racheal S.

"A delightful book! A child really knows they are loved after reading this."

- Amazon customer

"Little Willow is a sweet short story with amazing illustration. The willow leaves are airy and bright. It is just a few minute read, but bound to put a smile on the reader's face."

- Sue L.

"This is a beautiful book. The words and illustrations compliment each other seamlessly. Even though Little Willow is a children's book, it's great for all ages."

- Amazon customer

"This book is simple and beautiful, and in a world where we are so often told to buck up, it is really sweetly rewarding to be reminded that sorrow, and tears for all reasons are just perfectly natural. Fields really delivered on her first publication!"

- Hadea T.

"Little Willow is a beautiful book with an enlightening message. Everyone should read Little Willow."

- Kindra B.

"This book is beautifully written and illustrated. What a sweet book and an excellent gift to share. I can't wait for Fields to write more books."

- Michelle S.

"Wonderful little book full of insight. Great gift for celebrations and hard times!"

- Amazon customer

"This lovely work's strength is that it draws on the magical quality of nature to bring us into our own hearts. The little willow in its imagery and prose enables the reader to come home to themselves in one's fragile human frame. It's message is suited for all age groups and is a heart calmer, a thought filled piece of art."

- Gabrielle L.

"Little Willow is simple and uplifting. If you know anyone who's sad, give them this book. It's a great gift for adults and kids."

- Amazon customer

"A wonderful book with a great message. I never noticed so many willow trees around my house as I do now after reading it."

- Amazon customer

"These are so beautiful. These books should be everywhere."

- Faye D.

"An excellent description of many of the reasons anyone can be beautiful. Wonderful illustration and clear wording to tell any child they can be beautiful and are. A great message that we all can learn from."

- Teddy M.

"Such a great book! My oldest son is almost 3 and often brings this book over for us to read in the evenings! It sits top of the pile!"

- Dennis W.

"This is the sweetest and most beautiful little book with really excellent messages contained throughout. I highly recommend this book as a great teaching tool for our children."

- Carla R.

"This book is a must, for every family. Self-esteem issues are evident in many, many people. Every child and every adult needs to know and be re-affirmed that they are beautiful! This wonderful book lovingly illustrates that every being is beautiful; we just need to look for and acknowledge the beauty. Thank you Stefanie Fields for your insight and sharing of beauty."

- Amazon customer

"I am so happy with the way this book turned out. I certainly hope young eyes and ears take the messages conveyed and bury them deep in their hearts to help guide them as they mature. I also hope not so young eyes and ears see the truths and are reminded and encouraged."

- Phyllis H.

"Another delightful book by such a talented author. Her 'children's books' have a wonderful way of touching adults equally. I so appreciate that she acknowledges real life while providing a lift for tough times. I adore her manikin images and believe everyone can relate so easily. Clever. This is an author to watch."

- Amazon customer

"This is really like a children's book for adults - I could relate to every page. It's sure to lift you up through tough times big and small."

- Amazon customer

"It's like you wrote this book for me! It's a masterpiece."

- Carole M.

"Beauty is as beauty does."

- Miranda P.